They say that entertainment and food are equally important when hosting guests. They are correct. Hosting a Paella Party has become popular across many countries… but we recommend it be not just any paella!  Our paella is prepared on-site by an experienced chef/demonstrator who doesn’t just prepare the dish. Our chefs know and teach about the recipe, the background of the ingredients and the history of paellas. This is entertainment and spectacular paella, too!

Remember that you get what you pay for in paella. Cheaper companies can charge lower prices, but be prepared for mixed seafood that came from a frozen bag.  At TWO CHEFS PAELLA, you can expect seafood bought from our fish supplier specifically for your order. When you buy an octopus dish, expect that we will buy a whole octopus that we clean and cut for your order. We will buy whole squid for your order, not bought pre-cut and frozen.  Expect the very best.

Chicken and Chorizo Paella

TWO CHEFS PAELLA has several executive chefs from which they select. You can be assured that your dish is never created by someone who was taught paella cooking merely for the job. Our chefs are well-trained with years (many, with decades) of experience cooking paella comprised of octopus, chorizo, scallops, mussels, lobster, shrimp, squid, chicken, artichoke and other delights. They prepare charcuterie and gazpacho with flair and flavor, as well as many other typical Spanish dishes.

For more info, call 713-416-3886!

Chef Jack Tyler Honors Houston Firestation No. 2’s First Responders with Seafood Paella
South Texas Paella with South Texas Quail, Gulf Coast Shrimp, Texas Hill Country Venison Sausage
Seafood Paella for 30




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