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Fresco! Café Italiano is fresh and new!

Frankly, I never expected to find what I found when we entered this new restaurant in a strip center on the feeder of the Southwest Freeway!  The first positive discovery was the Instito Gastronomico Caterina de Medeci-trained chef of 40 years, Chef Roberto… Read More

Viva il re! Arturo Boada Cuisine!

A little romantic getaway is tucked along Voss on Del Monte in our neighborhood, nestled near a convenient family-owned jewelry store, salon and florist between the Galleria and Memorial Villages. Arturo Boada begs you to fall in love all over again with… Read More

Tony’s: Express Business Lunch for $25? At Tony’s?

If you find that I’m raving too much in this article, then you’ve never been to Tony’s! This isn’t aimed at the major account rep with an expense account who wants to take his best customer to Tony’s.  The restaurant IS, but this article isn’t. This… Read More

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