Tucked in a tiny strip center near the corner of Fountain View and Richmond Avenue, lies a pleasant surprise for the unsuspecting diner. The third dgn Factory, formerly called Dosa Factory, is a place filled with crisp, hot savory crepes, exciting smells and unhurried service – this is fast food done right!

We were immediately invited to enjoy a free cup of lentil soup and spoon out our sambar (a deliciously complicated South Indian sauce sometimes made with dal, coriander, curry, turmeric, tamerind, red chili) and an equally complex chutney as we waited for our order. As we waited, we chatted with Ike, a congenial friend of one of the three owners’  (Niraj Shah, CEO, George Eapen, COO and an unnamed investor). He told us this was the third of three  (3!) restaurants – Downtown Tunnel, Missouri City and Richmond Avenue – in three years. That is phenomenal growth for any business! It probably stems from their generous charity work with Magnificat House in 2015 and Lone Star Veterans “Service to Serenity” program and the UH Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship, no doubt to name only a few.  They also do catering! You will have to look quick to keep up with this successful set.

dgn Lentil Soup, Sambur & Chutney
dgn Lentil Soup, Sambur & Chutney

Manchurian Idli’s came out at once – little rice dough pillows with garlicky, red chili sauce covering batter-fried cauliflower, that went down in a hurry.

dgn Manchuran Idlittles
dgn Manchuran Idlis

Those were followed by Palek Paneer Dosas – fresh light lentil crepes filled with spinach and cottage cheese. And you have to see the Super Paper Dosa to believe it!

dgn Palek Paneer Dosa
dgn Palek Paneer Dosa

Then, we tried the Manchurian Dosas – crepes filled with batter-fried cauliflower. and topped with flavorful Manchurian red sauce (red chili pepper, soy sauce, coriander – perhaps?).

Manchurian Dosa
Manchurian Dosa

We followed the meal with a treat of dough balls, called Gulab Jamun, in a sweet cardamom/saffron syrup – sometimes made with rose-scented syrup – topped with slivered almonds.

dgn Factory Galub Jamun
dgn Factory Gulab Jamun

A Mango Lassi – a yogurt drink enhanced with mango pulp and sugar syrup – an end-of meal treat!

dgn Factory Mango Lassi
dgn Mango Lassi

Carrot Halwa – boiled carrots with white raisins, cashews, served with ice cream was a pleasure compared to the Americanized carrot cake. Lots of true carrot flavor and moist texture.

dgn Factory Carrot Halwa
dgn Factory Carrot Halwa

We rolled along into the sunshine, happy that we hadn’t made the mistake of heading to any of the other many neighboring fast food spots.

dgn Factory

5959 Richmond Avenue, Ste.160
Houston, Texas 77057

6324 Texas Highway 6
Missouri City, Texas 77459

Downtown Tunnel
1001 Fannin St. #M110
Houston, Texas 77002


For those who seek and follow Houston’s true Southern Creole food, there is a reason to celebrate the return of Crescent City Beignets. Formerly near Lamar High School, this River Oaks-area favorite closed over a year ago, re-opened at 6383 Westheimer and then sold that franchise. Finally, the prized cafe opened again on Good Friday, 2016 – obviously as a result of the prayers of those who had grown to love it and relied on its true-to-New Orleans style.
IMG_7763 (1)

This restaurant is much more than mere beignets and chicory coffee, although that is quite enough for some.

Crescent City Beignets
Crescent City Beignets

Take a quick imaginary tour of New Orleans via the huge photos on display as you wait patiently for your Red Beans & Rice.

Imagine A Trolley Ride
Imagine A Trolley Ride
Jackson Square

The Presidential Gumbo, loaded with Shrimp, Oysters and Okra, is topped with the perfect amount of white rice and arrives at your table steaming hot.

Presidential Gumbo includes Oysters and Okra
Presidential Gumbo includes Shrimp, Oysters and Okra

The collard greens are hammy and laced with onions. A dash of Louisiana hot sauce is all you need!

Collard Greens
Collard Greens
Manager Linda Benoit loves her work
Happy-To-Be-Back Manager Linda Benoit loves her work and her customers

Who wouldn’t love a Muffaletta that looks like this?

Face it - We're in Love!
Face it – We’re in Love!

To know Crescent City Beignets is to love her! Glad she’s back.

5885 San Felipe Rd., Ste. 200
Houston, Texas 77057



Super clean windows with invitingly modern tables bedecked with cacti grace the wide open dining space. Showcasing one of Houston’s rare al fresco dining opportunities, True Foods Kitchen opens out from the corner shopping center west of the new Whole Foods Market on San Felipe near Post Oak. Glad we came during the mid-afternoon, as it assured us a quick seat and that we did not compete for parking with business professionals and shoppers.

Bright & Inviting
Bright & Inviting

This is only one of the myriad restaurants located in the small Galleria area bounded by San Felipe Road, Post Oak Boulevard, Westheimer, and Fountain View Drive which includes, but is not limited to: Crescent City Beignets (now open at 5885 San Felipe, near H-E-B), Pronto Cucinino, La Madeleine, H-E-B’s Table 57, Dish Society, Adair’s, Ciao Bello, Pesca, Rise (soon to come), RDG, La Table, Masraff’s, Maggiano’s, Caracol, Piatto Ristorante, Del Frisco Double Eagle Steakhouse, Grand Lux, Peli Peli, Oceanaire Seafood Room, and all the many, many Galleria offerings.

Fresh Italian Parsley, Thyme, and Pesto Basil Greet Diners

We drove down the miles of offerings of unique healthful “mocktails” like Matcha Horchata, Pomegranate Lemonade, and Kale-Ade and opened with this simple refresher:

Refreshing Green Tea
Edamame in Truffle Oil
Edamame Dumplings in White Truffle Oil

The find of the day was the Carmelized Onion Tart. With the unique mingling of smoked garlic, fig and Gorgonzola, it was cut into four pieces and though we always split, there just weren’t enough!

Carmelized Onion Tart
Carmelized Onion Tart

Our entrees were healthy and delicious, served piping hot and with a smile.

Stir-Fried Beef Teriyaki

Red Chili Shrimp, with Gai Lan, Spinach and Sesame Noodles

Red Chili Shrimp With Gai Lan
Red Chili Shrimp With Gai Lan

We wrapped up all of our clean eating with the Spiced Apple and Goji Berry Crisp served with a very healthy scoop of ice cream,  Espresso and Cappuccino.

Spiced Apple and Goji Berry Crisp

We strolled (rolled) on to spend some time in patio lounge chairs as we watched the sunset over the many new Galleria buildings – a lovely ending to a St. Patrick’s Day celebration of “eating of the greens”!


1700 Post Oak Blvd.
Houston, Texas 77057

If you find that I’m raving too much in this article, then you’ve never been to Tony’s!

This isn’t aimed at the major account rep with an expense account who wants to take his best customer to Tony’s.  The restaurant IS, but this article isn’t. This article is about the guys in the office who say, “Where do we go for lunch today?” The answer, with a straight face, is “Tony’s has a two-course Express Business Lunch for $25.” Now, if you’ve never been to Tony’s, that won’t mean anything. If you HAVE been to Tony’s, you’re out getting the car started. Much of what you pay for at Tony’s is, in my opinion, the smoothest and most on-point service in Houston. The service could be no better if you spent $200.

The Express Business Lunch is comprised of three two-course lunches with choices of Soup of the Day or Salad and a beautiful entree.

Soup the Day was a Potato Leek Soup. I would have been happy with half as much. With exquisite flavor, it seemed like the more I ate… the more was there. Courses arrived with no intermission. At least none until you were ready.  Unlike many of the unique and intriguing soups at Tony’s, this one looked like Potato Leek Soup!

The salad choice was called Insalata Siciliana with Arugula, sliced multi-colored mini grape tomatoes, orange segments and an Italian dressing. Though I ordered soup, I accepted my host’s offer to steal salad from his plate. Wonderful. 

Insalata Siciliana

I tasted the Grilled Chicken Giardino. It was a whole grilled chicken breast with no sauce (no sauce was needed, though). It was rosemary scented and adorned on one end with mixed local garden greens, including, but not limited to, sliced heirloom tomatoes and some crisp peppery arugula. It was sprinkled with caprino (an Italian goat cheese) which, in my opinion, gave the salad a unique Italian touch that you seldom see in Houston. While the flavors of the chicken AND the salad were enticing, chicken is usually not my first choice when also offered snapper and ravioli. This was certainly not the ho-hum chicken that one gets at most other restaurants! Far from it.

Grilled Chicken Giardino

Snapper Francese was my favorite by far. Creamy and lemony with an English pea, cremini mushroom, red bell pepper and bianco sauce… the Snapper Francese, alone, was worth the trip.

Snapper Francese

Ravioloni Di Manza is one if the creamiest raviolini I have ever tasted! I have never seen or tasted short-rib-filled raviolini, but when the rib meat is roasted into submission before being stuffed into raviolini, it is sublime! That’s in addition to the fact that the two raviolini are huge! As luck would have it, I ate this dish ONE DAY before National Ravioli Day! 

Ravioloni Di Manza

Blackberry Dream (a perfect Angel Food cake with Limoncello Cream) was NOT part of the Tony’s Express Business Lunch, but I had to show it as I had to try it. Absolutely “dreamy” and on the dessert menu, it’s worth the extra purchase.

Blackberry Dream

And now an introduction to my host at our weekly lunch get-together host and my good friend, Chuck Gardner… a principal at Birraporetti’s next to the Alley Theatre downtown and a big fan of Tony’s.

Chuck Gardner

No review of Tony’s can be written without congratulatory mention of Chef Kate McLean. Her name is linked to an article about her and Tony’s by Alison Cook. You would have to search far and wide to find a Chef de Cuisine so capable and polished who was hired at the age of 29 by Master Restaurateur, Tony Vallone.

Chef Kate McLean  Photograph Courtesy of Tony’s

I found the service and the Express Business Lunch to be well-prepared, well-presented and well-served. I will be back soon with my wife to try the evening dinner, as the menu has changed slightly since our last visit. Never hurts to please your wife. To keep up with Tony’s is to keep up with the one of the finest restaurants Houston has to offer. 

3755 Richmond Avenue
Houston, TX 77046

Out Westheimer between Kirkwood and Dairy Ashford is a little haven of “comfort food”. Yes, Brazil is a land of comfort food… and this small café is a good place to indulge the desire to get away from square plates, Napoleonic presentations and trendy stackable entrees. Portugal left more than a language in Brazil and that laid-back attitude toward life is evident in the food. A few years years ago (they’ve been open for ten+), we enjoyed this little Brazilian café and thought about it for lunch again today. As we parked, we wondered if they still had the traditional and wonderful cheese bread that we still remembered from our first visit here. Antony Palmiera and his Brazilian-American wife Carla have maintained a level of quality in their food to a point that if everyone in the restaurant was talking about me, I wouldn’t know it, as I don’t speak Portuguese (but It appears that many of their customers do).

Brazilian Beers and a Caipirinha

When in Brazil, do as the Brazilians… and the Brazilian counter to the margarita is the Caipirinha. This icy cocktail is made with Brazilian rum Cachaca, lime juice and sugar. The drink, incidentally, is offered in several flavors at Emporio, including passion fruit, coconut and cashew. The bar is actually geared to produce tropical drinks and the festive cocktails add to the relaxing atmosphere. If you aren’t into tropical drinks, the bartender can pour you a plain old Scotch… or a Brazilian beer or like for me… iced tea.

Pão de Queijo (Brazilian Cheese Bread)

The basket of bread placed on the table when you arrive is sort of the secret handshake of the Brazilian diner… full of Pão de Queijo, or Brazilian cheese bread. These hollow, light cheesy clouds are the perfect beginners at Emporio and had the food service not been so prompt, they would have been sure to have sold us the additional basket of them for $2.00.

The menu is actually as varied as the regional offerings to be had here and they range from seafood, to beef to chicken dishes… and lots of grilled items. Don’t expect anything even remotely resembling Mexican food… all hot and spicy. Don’t expect waiters wandering around dressed in costumes, ceremoniously delivering grilled beef on the tip of a sword… and don’t expect the high prices that go with the gauchos in costumes, either. DO expect lots of olive oil, garlic, tomatoes and delicate sauces. Expect Yucca flour as a condiment, as well as cooked yucca, plantains, white rice and black beans.

Brazilian Empanada Platter

Chile Infused Olive Oil

Empanadas (pasteis) are over the top here and are a recommended starter. The Brazilian Empanada Platter is what we ordered and while we weren’t planning to stuff ourselves to death at this meal, we were SO happy that we ordered this combination, because we might have missed an outstanding dish if we had ordered individual empanadas. The platter includes one each or beef, chicken, shrimp (if you only order one… this is it, I am told), cheese and hearts of palm. The hearts of palm empanada is traditional… and the shrimp one was so good, according to Sally, I wasn’t allowed into it. I enjoyed drizzling the chile oil on the empanadas… but am not sure that was their idea.

Feijoada (bean stew)

Feijoada (bean stew), if you ask a Brazilian, is hands-down the national dish of Brazil. You really should order it here if this is a learning experience for a curious diner. Remember, I said “comfort food” earlier. We ordered it first and the generous bowl of black beans, pork, sausage, cured beef and pork ribs is really, really rich and is served with white rice, collard greens sautéed in olive oil and garlic (I could live on the collard greens) and fried plantains. Remember that this dish is served with white rice… is meant to be eaten with the rice and is seasoned for the combination of the two. Sprinkling the accompanying Farofa (yucca flour) on it is the usual and it is a pleasant and interesting condiment.

Picanhana Chapa (Beef Tri-Tip)

Next, we ordered the specialty – Picanha na Chapa (Beef Tri-Tip) and, again you will receive  a generous serving of rice and black beans. The beef is cooked to order and arrives as it was ordered (medium rare). This grilled beef is, again, a very traditional Brazilian specialty and it is typically marinated in olive oil, coarse salt and garlic… then grilled. It is served with rice, black beans, farofa and French fries. While the tri-tip, along with the beans and attendant farofa are authentic and delicious… I would have liked to see a little more attention paid to the potatoes. It’s a small thing, but I don’t want to rave so much that I sound like a paid PR guy.

We just stopped in for a quick lunch and will certainly be back again.  We recommend that you head out Westheimer and give Emporio Brazilian Café a try. The extensive menu, much still untried, is reviewable on their website below. Enjoy!

Houston, TX
Phone: (281) 293-7442


Spring Makeover for Culinary Houston!

To better share our travels and tables with you, we start the season with a fresh look.

IMG_1909Come travel with us as we take a peek into the kitchens of some of Houston’s newest, oldest, best and favorite haunts. We will share recipes of some of our (and your) favorite dishes.  We will open the door for those of you who are looking to share your culinary skills and experience in the kitchen and service throughout the restaurant world. We will present new homegrown Texas products and local artisans. We love to share good dining experiences with our friends and family. Join us, follow us, befriend us, tweet us and share us with your friends – won’t you, please? We would love for you to follow us for future contests and promotions.

Let us know what you think!  Happy Spring!

Sometimes, we miss good food by not ordering correctly. I think that was the case on our first visit… or was it?

Mala Pot Roasted Prawns

We met a good friend for a quiet lunch at the original Mala Sichuan Bistro on Bellaire Boulevard in Chinatown. There’s a new, quite popular one in the Montrose area, too. Thank Goodness that we were totally happy with the company. None of us had ever eaten there before. Did you ever really want to like the food somewhere, yet found something slightly lacking in each dish? I am a fan of Sichuan cuisine, so this was not my first rodeo. Of course, there is something new to learn in ANY cuisine… and so, I hoped, was the case here.

Inviting Decor

We were greeted by courteous staff members, seated quickly, and looked forward to a wonderful lunch. We all like spicy flavors, hence our choice of Sichuan food in the first place. Even though we found that there was a spicy tang to the dishes, it was hardly “hot”.

Mala Pot Roasted Prawns

First choice were Mala Pot Roasted Prawns. This is an example of wonderful flavor, yet it was almost impossible to eat. I DID eat eat every bite though. The problem? The prawns were swimming in a delicious “mala” sauce including asparagus, bamboo shoots, green onions, but they weren’t peeled. There is discussion about the health benefits of eating the shells, but I don’t care for the texture. Each succulent, perfectly-cooked prawn was served in its shell and required fishing for it with fingers, then peeling it to enjoy it. Eating all of the prawns required sticking the fingers into the sauce… then peeling… and an entire napkin per prawn. I went through over a dozen napkins before i realized that the only way to do this was to peel and eat ALL of the prawns at once… then eat the crispy veggies. Otherwise, it was eat a prawn and clean the hands… eat a prawn and clean the hands!

Cumin Beef

Next was Cumin Beef. Loaded with beef and a copious amount of white onions, this dish was a meat lover’s dream, EXCEPT that there was a rich sauce that had a large topside pool of clear beef fat (probably not the mala – “numbingly hot or sexy” – sauce – made from oil, spices and peppercorns) that was a bit off-putting. Sally ate a fourth of it and asked to take the remaining dish home in a doggie bag to keep from hurting the server’s feelings. It was offered to a meat-loving family member on the way home who loved it! It was garlicky and flavorful, but far too greasy for her tastes.

Mapo Tofu

The Mapo Tofu seemed a perfect choice for our friend who is a vegetarian. While the sauce was relatively spicy and tasty, our friend ate very little and declined a to-go box. Not being a fan of tofu, I decided to let his unfinished dish speak for itself.

So, to give fair advice and a second try, we went again the next day to try three more dishes… FAR more successfully.

Kung Pao Chicken

Kung Pao Chicken is usually a reliable test for Chinese food and this passed the test very well. Also translated as Gong Pao, or Kung Po, it is a spicy stir-fry dish with chicken, peanuts, vegetables and red chili peppers. It was delicious, spicy and the fresh vegetables were crisp.

Three Pepper Beaten Duck

This dish is almost literally just peppers and tea-smoked duck. Watch out for the bones! The duck is chopped into small pieces and quickly sauteed in a wok, bones-in much like Carribean Goat Curry in a Jamaican restaurant. I loved it, as the pieces of duck were almost like small lamb chops. The MANY dried Sichuan red peppers, red oil, long-sliced serrano and peppercorns added a pleasant tingling kick-scientifically, known as paresthesia. So far, nothing was oppressively hot (unless you ate the chilis only).

Sauteed Spinach

Fresh Sauteed Spinach was perfect with plenty of garlic. A refreshing supplement to almost everything on the menu. While the leaves were sauteed barely wilted… the stems were a bit of a struggle.

Specials Are Clearly Posted

Mala Sichuan Bistro is obviously loved by many Asians as they seemed prevalent in the restaurant – it was after all, Chinatown. It was a pleasant trip to enjoy another culture, cuisine and certainly worth experimenting with the many curiously named dishes offered. Next time, a Sichuan classic favorite made with mung bean cellophane noodles – Ants on the Tree!

Mala Sichuan Bistro
9348 Bellaire Blvd.

Laurenzo’s… Far More Than a Tex-Mex Family

Laurenzo’s showcases the family’s Italian, American and Tex-Mex Culture.

We’ve all been to at least one El Tiempo Cantina, and rank it among Houston’s best Tex-Mex restaurants. Not many people know Mama Ninfa’s family is also behind Laurenzo’s Restaurant on Washington Avenue. I’ve visited on several occasions and always seem to find something new to enjoy on each visit. 

Prime Rib au Jus To Be Raved About Later

Three of us got together for lunch at Laurenzo’s Restaurant 

Chef de Cuisine, Donny Navarette

While I have written two articles about Laurenzo’s, full disclosure requires me to say that my friends and I were greeted at the door by the manager… so, I wasn’t a stranger, but will be honest about the fare. We were honored that Chef de Cuisine Donny Navarette stopped by and made us feel welcome.

Our starter was a Grilled Artichoke with a silky Remoulade. Truly they were unusual, in that they were steamed, then grilled over Mesquite with lemon and butter.  They were tender and married well with the sauce. 

Grilled Artichoke Appetizer
The Shrimp and Grits were delightful with a crispy slice of toast. First, a photograph of the Shrimp and Grits shows the dish in its optional glory with a creamy sauce that I loved… and it was unlike the many Shrimp and Grits that I have enjoyed around Houston. While mine was served over creamy mascarpone grits with a fragrant bourbon sauce, I could have gone with the crispy grits cake (above) just as well… maybe better! The Shrimp and Grits may be ordered either way… with the creamy bourbon mascarpone sauce, or with the crisp grit cake.


Shrimp and Grits
Everything was really, really good. Let me talk about the Grit Cake Option. Tasty and surprisingly juicy inside and fried to a very crisp outside! This was served as an option to the creamy grits with the Shrimp & Grits. The optional crispy grit cake finally found its way into the creamy bourbon sauce, and became a favorite of the meal! It was definitely a fine option to the mascarpone grits under the shrimp and creamy sauce.
Grit Cake Option
Now that you’ve seen the Shrimp and Grits in their suggested glory… here it is with an optional enhanced version soaking what’s left of the delicious Grit Cake with the bourbon sauce.
Shrimp and Grits With a Half-Eaten Grit Cake. 
Now Were Talkin’
No matter what you go to Laurenzo’s for, The Prime Rib is (in my opinion) mandatory. It was made irresistible with a hot, rich cup of jus, and the beast was soon rendered gone! The requisite Creamed Corn was, as the name implies, very creamy, lovable and necessary with a steakhouse offering like prime rib.
Prime Rib au Jus With Creamed Corn 
Dessert was a truly wonderful Key Lime Pie. There was a little Key West in every bite due to a tangy liquor from Key West. I love that he layered the pie on top of mandarin oranges.
Key Lime Pie
It was a memorable meal and I plan to go back many times!
Laurenzo’s Restaurant
4412 Washington Avenue
Houston, Texas 77007


A Stop-In to Gilhooley’s Turned Out To Be Like Eating Oysters On a Reef:

Recent ravings about Gilhooley’s and their oysters caused us to wonder enough to stop in for a trial on the way to Galveston’s Mardi Gras!  EVERYTHING that we had read from those raving about their mollusks in San Leon turned out to be true.

Everybody Gumbo
Although Gilhooley’s gumbo comes in other choices (like a favored Oyster Stew and Shrimp Gumbo), we ordered Everybody Gumbo, because oysters and shrimp were featured and “everybody” – including chicken and a local sausage – was added to the mix to try. Note that the oysters were added to the gumbo just late enough to still be plump and juicy. It was VERY good. Oysters were treated respectfully. Thank you.
No kids. No pets. Cash only. That sure seemed OK with me. 
Not a fancy place at all, this restaurant has a cult following of oyster lovers. There ARE some other items of interest, though. Fried Chicken Livers with a wonderful cream gravy are popular and hard to find, These were excellent.
Fried Chicken Livers
Raw Oysters are a favorite at Gilhooley’s and while they are plump and juicy, as expected this time of year, the presentation was pretty lacking… yet, delicious.
Raw Oysters
Pinto Beans are rich, well-seasoned with sausage and are a perfect side for some baked Oysters Gilhooley.
Pinto Beans
Oysters Gilhooley
Oyster Stew was a missed delicacy, as we didn’t order it, but heard much about it from regulars, as well as the Boudin.  Their Shrimp Cole Slaw brings back memories of Hillman’s, yet a regular at the table next to us pointed out that she had ordered it and received no shrimp. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and believe the majority.They rave about it.
This was a brief drop-in, but we wish that we had more time, as well as ordered more types of oysters!
Gilhooley’s Restaurant
Dickinson (San Leon), Texas 77539


Fish Tales at Galveston Mardi Gras – A Tale of Two Cities

Oh, what a night! The celebrations in Galveston have evolved greatly from their origins in 1867 to George Mitchell’s re-invention in 1986 to now. The Island was positively electric with excitement, and the whole community was alive with color and sound. No costume is too outlandish anymore and beads are de rigueur. When the party down the street at the Galveston Convention Center includes Pitbull – why hold back?

The friendly, on-point Fish Tales staff was ready for anything and good that they were. The waves viewed from the upstairs deck were just more sparkling bling necklaces tossed into the afternoon sun. IMHO, you cannot have a bad time at Fish Tales, along Seawall Boulevard, in Galveston, Texas.

View of Pleasure Pier From Fish Tales Deck

Everyday treats include PoBoys on hot crispy French Bread and perfectly fried seafood. The sauces range from cocktail to tartar to their own spicy remoulade. We could not which we wanted more, so we had an….

Oyster and Shrimp PoBoy – a Sexy Combo!

As gumbos go, this one holds up to to the dark roux test and is stuffed with shrimp, oysters, okra, the “trinity”  (celery, onions and bell pepper) and a sweet slice or three of Andouille sausage. Its spicy sweetness warmed me to the core, so we didn’t waste time with the rice!

“Secret” Seafood Gumbo

We came back the following day hoping for some leftovers. Nope – none left! So we tried the signature Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp Kisses. Bite into one and the gooey cheese melts on your tongue, a great complement to the fresh shrimp blanketed by not-overdone maple bacon. The toasty onion rings reminded me of those of my youth and these were stacked like the onion volcano from that ubiquitous Japanese steakhouse.

Onion Rings and Signature Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp Kisses
We popped back in on FishTales the day after the second weekend Mardi Gras parade night and found the staff as neatly pressed and ready-to-meet and greet as the night before.


Fish Tales General Manager Brett Otteman and his 
Kitchen Manager Joe Haenchen
A couple of months ago, General Manager Brett Otteman, of Fish Tales in Galveston, needed to find a Kitchen Manager FAST. He asked if he could run a request for that staff member in the Facebook Group, Houston Eats by Jack Tyler and I agreed – happy to help. Being quickly communicative astute young men, they were talking within a week, and Brett had found his new Kitchen Manager, Chef Joe Haenchen.

By the way, did I mention the spread for guests that night was filled with everything you could want in the way of seafood?

Blackened Catfish Etouffee with Spicy Crawfish
Fried Catfish – Piping Hot
Supplied with huge bags of multi-colored beads, each guest tentatively began pitching them over the railing to waiting passersby below. As the evening wore on, the shouts and pleadings became louder and requests more daring (as you will see below).
Fun Just Started
Can’t start a Lenten diet without plenty of bakery sweets and treats and these were just SOME of them. We tried what we liked and then our neighboring table-mates brought even more back from the tables that we HAD to try.
Dark Chocolate Mousse With 
White Chocolate Shavings and Edible Nasturtiums
Fruit Tarts Filled With Cream Cheese


Smoked Salmon With
All the Fixin’s (capers, onions, chopped egg)
These Costumed Crazies “Buying” Beads Caught My Eye
(Too Bad They Were Rubber!)


Mardi Gras Cupcakes Wore a Riot of Color


Colorful Tortellini and Delicious Ravioli
A Regional Ceviche of Squid, Shrimp, Avocado, Cilantro, 
Onion, Jalapeno, Lime, and Tabasco
A Sea of “Sunburn Shrimp” Came Wave After Wave
Boiled Shrimp are Always a Favorite at Fish Tales…
 NOT just at Mardi Gras!
It wasn’t just a “little bit good” party at Fish Tales – it was mo’ betta! The quality service, food and generous portions would please any owner. And guess who came by to check in on the party?
Jack Tyler and Tilman Fertitta, the CEO
(P.S. Watch for his new reality show: Billion Dollar Buyer on CNBC Mar. 22)
The music? Live rock and roll of course. As I recall, it ended much too soon. Naturally, we heard that folks danced on the tables after we left. Ah well…we had great fun and ate our way well into the next day. Now we are walking the straight and narrow until Easter, but oh, what a night! Our thanks for our great hosts at FishTales. Warmer days are ahead and we’ll be back alright!
2502 Seawall Boulevard, Galveston, Texas 77550
A Landry’s Select Restaurant
(409) 762-8545
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Where food is good and people are fun. Serving Midtown, Galleria, River Oaks, Westheimer Corridor and beyond.


Where food is good and people are fun. Serving Midtown, Galleria, River Oaks, Westheimer Corridor and beyond.

Do Bianchi

Negotiating the Epistemologic Implications of Oenophilia

Food Network Feed

Where food is good and people are fun. Serving Midtown, Galleria, River Oaks, Westheimer Corridor and beyond.


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