Caesar Salad Competition Coming October 5th to the Four Seasons Hotel

Caesar’s Restaurant in Tijuana, Mexico… Birthplace of the Caesar’s Salad It’s time for the annual competition to create the “Best Caesar Salad” in Houston.  Creating a prize-winning Caesar Salad in Houston would be a significant feat, I would think.   It’s a salad invented in and originally served… Read More

Nardino Ristorante

A fun and romantic new Italian restaurant has opened in west Houston. One of the things I love about Houston is that there is truly no “restaurant district” and there are great finds from one end of the town to the other.  Some… Read More

The REAL Caesar’s Salad… Its History and Recipe of a Baja Classic

Caesar’s Restaurant in Tijuana, Mexico A guest article, by me, from my own Mexico travel blog,  Jack Tyler’s Mexico: Over in Houston, Texas (una colonia de Mexico), there is an annual competition to create the “Best Caesar Salad”  in the city.  That would be… Read More

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