Hugo Caliente… Farm-to-Fork Quick Serve Concept is Open

When was the last time that the chef came to your table in a “quick serve” restaurant to check on your meal? OK, full disclosure… I was with two other food/restaurant writers to check out Hugo Caliente, a new quick-serve “Tex-Mex/Mexican” restaurant… Read More

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo Like a Mexican This Year!

Cinco de Mayo is More Than Just a Day to Get Borracho in a Mexican Restaurant… Why Not Celebrate It This Year like the Mexicans Do? A true test of a Mexican restaurant’s dedication to regionality, as well as seasonality (unfortunately… as… Read More

El Tiempo on Navigation a First Look and Taste

Heads Los Angeles, tails Houston…  Houston has won the toss and will receive! In 1949, Domenic Tommy (DT) and Ninfa Laurenzoflipped a coin. They were unable to make a decision between moving to Los Angeles or Houston. Heads, Los Angeles and tails… Read More

Don Julio’s in Montrose

My dining companions and I were headed in on Westheimer at Taft and name “Don Julio’s” tempted us into stopping.  That’s the name of the brand of Tequila that many of my friends in Mexico pull out when they want to impress… Read More

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