On April 8th, 2018, 1-4 p.m., The Ninfa Laurenzo Scholarship Fund will hold its first fundraiser, TACOS OVER TEXAS, in collaboration with El Tiempo Cantina and the Original Ninfa’s on Navigation. The event will bring together over a dozen chefs from around the… Read More

El Tiempo Opens Another Location on Gessner

Here I Go Again Posting About a Restaurateur Opening a New Location! Most often, when I write on this blog, it is to review a restaurant. Well, this isn’t a review (just a reminder), so I need to tell you that this… Read More

Fajitas: Mama Ninfa’s Original Recipe That She Introduced to the World In 1973!

Mama Ninfa Laurenzo If it isn’t a beef skirt steak… it isn’t a fajita! First of all, let’s get it straight exactly what fajitas are. I like to start off with what they aren’t. They aren’t chicken, or any part of a chicken. They aren’t… Read More

El Tiempo on Navigation a First Look and Taste

Heads Los Angeles, tails Houston…  Houston has won the toss and will receive! In 1949, Domenic Tommy (DT) and Ninfa Laurenzoflipped a coin. They were unable to make a decision between moving to Los Angeles or Houston. Heads, Los Angeles and tails… Read More

Don Julio’s in Montrose

My dining companions and I were headed in on Westheimer at Taft and name “Don Julio’s” tempted us into stopping.  That’s the name of the brand of Tequila that many of my friends in Mexico pull out when they want to impress… Read More

Jimmy Changas

Lunch at Jimmy Changas It would take knowledge of a history of success of a particular restaurant group to entice me to drive to Deer Park/Pasadena area for a quick lunch.  Such is the case of the growing world of restaurant concept successes by Russell Ybarra. … Read More

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