The little strip along Richmond avenue just inside the loop has always been a welcome area for Houston’s diners. From Texas Coast seafood to barbeque to Cajun… it’s all good. came Owner and Executive Chef David Chang with an idea and a mission to present his unique vision of seafood and glorious steaks (like 35 day house-aged ribeyes) to Houston. Rather than rustic older buildings that exist there, Chef David plopped an ultra modern glitzy restaurant right in the middle of the others… right in the shadow of the Williams (Transco) Tower!


Opening with full service on April 14th, we had lunch during the “soft opening”.  Since we were early, ahead of the rush, we relied heavily upon suggestions by Chef David… so we started off with a sublimely smooth Chicken Liver Pate’. I don’t believe that we have ever had a smoother and more delicious pate’. As it was obvious that this pate was not filled with wine, garlic, or chicken stock, the taste of a truly respected chicken liver was obvious and lot rustic and lumpy as many others are.  It as served with house-made crackers that could have stood alone, but truly complemented the pate’.

Shrimp Balls

A guest ordered Shrimp Balls and we all devoured the five, generously plated on a champagne glass, balls quickly. Crispy on the outside, surrounding small shrimp, they weren’t overcook (which we seem to run into frequently in some other places).

Ahi Tuna Tower

We then had an Ahi Tuna Tower that was soooo much than a tuna tower. There was a stack of Ahi tuna, olives, Roma tomatoes, avocado, lump crabmeat and cucumbers… both tasty and 5 inches tall! It sounded complicated, but it wasn’t that… it was just complex with the ingredients perfectly matched, each to the other. I’ll eat there again, but not without this.

Hawaiian Flounder

Then on to the prima-entree that we split and loved. The huge Hawaiian Flounder again showcased love of lump crabmeat, as it had plenty adorning it! It was nestled in a pool of white Miso champagne sauce and oozed with a creamy cheese.


The Crab Cake was architecturally beautiful. It was crispy on the facade and creamy on the interior… with plenty of the lump crabmeat. It was atop a creamy sauce and vegetable strips and ended up being greedily split among three diners.


The Wine Room has a glass wall with hundreds of fine bottles of wine and would be great for private parties or office dinners.

Inside the loop, this beautiful restaurant is close to most in Houston, but it was good for us as it isn’t much of a quick drive from our house! It’s nice to have you in the neighborhood, Chef David. Thanks for a pleasant dining experience… we’ll be back!

Seafood, Steaks & Sushi Restaurant

4720 Richmond Avenue #A

Houston, Texas 77057





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  1. I liked your take on Blue Onyx. It really is a great restaurant. I have had several dishes there, but I think i am going to have the Hawaiian flounder next time.

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