What a light, bright airy Louisiana-style dining room in which to enjoy a downhome feast on a spring morning as it rolls to midday! Tony Mandola’s Seafood Kitchen, is located easily south of West Dallas on Waugh Drive. Our gracious host, Tom Mandola, stopped by to assure that all was well.

How could it not be with refreshing cantaloupe and pistachio parfait to start?

Canteloupe Parfait
Canteloupe Parfait With Pistachios
Carnita Benedict

Eggs Benedict or “Beni”, as they are affectionately called these days, entice the diner to enjoy variations none heretofore seen nor tried. They lure you to the dark side of overindulgence. We tried only one of those. That was the Carnita Beni. Frankly, Tony went out of his way coming up with this one… but it’s a winner.  It’s the Carnita Benedict. Texans will love this… those grand poached eggs won us over:

Crawfish Omelette
Crawfish Omelette

The crawfish omelette fairly danced with caramelized red and yellow peppers. I like spicy and this was delightfully so; the side of roasted potatoes were a comforting and delicious counterpoint.

Omelette with Deep-Fried Oysters

And what’s a pretend trip to New Orleans without some deep-fried oysters? With the Gulf issues after Harvey these days, it just makes me want them all the more. Our accommodating oyster friends in Louisiana are keeping us supplied until we recover with those Texans which were darn tasty! Fried to mouth-watering perfection. And the Kale? It was crispy and not overcooked.  As a devotee of kale, I despise the act of cooking kale to submission so it may be eaten by those who are not delighted by its unique mouthfeel and flavor. I enjoyed every bite of it.

Mama’s Bread Pudding with New Orleans-Style Bourbon Sauce

Bread pudding with apples, raisins and cinnamon topped with a New Orleans-style Bourbon sauce that lulls you to that pleasant sated feeling is a treat that I remember well from previous trips to Tony Mandola’s Seafood Kitchen. I order it on every visit!

Pot of Creme Brulee

All three of us enjoyed the delightful Creme Brulée from the little pot and accented it with the sweet whipped creme and strawberry.

What a great idea to return on Sunday for an Easter brunch celebration! 

Tony Mandola's

1212 Waugh Drive
Houston, Texas 77019


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