Haunting Houston? Looking for lunch?

Since Urban Eats served us well in the past and offered comfort food of every description, there was good reason on Halloween to try some new lunch plates offered there. We found no scary surprises and were positively charmed with the lunch plates we ordered to share.




The Cowboy is a Signature Slider and came on a sesame seed bun and featured a 44 Farms Salisbury steak cooked (per request) medium rare. It was juicy and delicious. It was accompanied by cheddar, bacon, a house-made bourbon sauce and some really crispy fried onion strings and tasty french fries. It was somewhat tricky to split that slider three ways… but we did it and were all impressed.

IMG_0096Sundried Tomato and Prosciutto Meatloaf and Three Pig Truffled Mac & Cheese

Then we tackled a small Sundried Tomato and Prosciutto Meatloaf.  Good meatloaf is usually crafted from a combination of three different meats, to get the required juice, texture and taste. This one was, too… but it was a mixture of sirloin, spicy Italian sausage and lean turkey… then topped with a tasty tomato brown gravy and parmesan. It was very moist and rich with flavor, due to the sausage!

Three Pig Truffled Mac & Cheese was greatly anticipated and didn’t disappoint. Everyone was delighted. Many restaurants will try to cheap out by offering a flavored truffle oil that has never seen a truffle. This one was REAL truffle oil – infused with white truffles. I couldn’t tell if it was the flavor of Oregon or Alba white truffles and didn’t ask, but the flavor imparted to the Mac & Cheese was beautiful and tummy-warming. It was made with a smoky bacon, pancetta and honey glazed ham. None of this left to take home!

IMG_0098Grilled Salmon paired with Israeli Couscous and Arugula Salad

We enjoyed a delicious Grilled Salmon paired with a warm basil-infused Israeli Couscous and Arugula Salad. The couscous were LARGE and popped with a delicate mouth feel…loved it!

IMG_0113Various Pumpkin Desserts

We followed all of this with a small (!) selection of desserts including a Butterscotch Pumpkin cookie, a Gingersnap Pumpkin Cheesecake, a Buttermilk Pumpkin Bar (so good) and MY favorite, a Pumpkin Macaron!


When we left, we were greeted by a Halloween-costumed Eric Munoz, Owner/Director of Operations (aka Fantastic Beasts’ Eddie Redmayne)… who was proud that he already had everything in the closet that he wore!

Count three happy diners who WILL return!

Urban Eats

3414 Washington
Houston, Texas 77007


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