Three years ago, on a birthday, Sally asked to try a new restaurant tucked along Westheimer, again, hidden in an unremarkable strip center. How she spots these places as we whiz by I don’t know, but Bankok Thai Cuisine, just inside Beltway 8, near Fondren, shelters some down-home cooking and a spicy green curry loaded with vegetables.

Thai Dumplings

We started with Thai Dumplings – steamed minced chicken and shrimp in a prettily shaped wonton wrapper, served with a ginger sauce.

Tom Kha Gai

The Tom Kha Gai was a winner to begin – rich with coconut, bits of lemongrass, mushrooms, basil, green onions, chicken and lime.

Pho Taek – Spicy Seafood Soup

Pho Taek is a combination of shrimp, squid, fish and mussels, in a spicy clear soup. The lemongrass, kafir leaves, tomato, mushrooms, onion, and basil were in a tangy piquant broth that set off the seafood well.

Beef Salad was a bit of a miss as salad is not a typical Thai item, but I liked it. It was full of garlic and salt. Definitely a pungent palate pleaser, but might have been a little heavy on the salt. Fresh cucumbers and red onions bedecked the crisp iceburg lettuce.

Yum Nur (Beef Salad)

The star of the show was the Green Curry – loaded with eggplant, bamboo shoots, green beans, basil and coconut milk. Spicy hot and just enough rice nearby to keep it cooled down. There are a number of curries on the menu to come back to try – Red, Yellow, Mussamun, Panang, Pineapple (with kafir leaves) – or we commented it would be a nice order to go someday.

Green Curry

We wrapped up with coffee. Reasonably priced – all with excellent, attentive service. You just knew that Linda, our chef, was a terrific loving person in this kitchen – her heart is clearly in the food. So glad we came back!


9296 Westheimer, Ste. 200
Houston, Texas 77063



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