Laurenzo’s… Far More Than a Tex-Mex Family

Laurenzo’s showcases the family’s Italian, American and Tex-Mex Culture.

We’ve all been to at least one El Tiempo Cantina, and rank it among Houston’s best Tex-Mex restaurants. Not many people know Mama Ninfa’s family is also behind Laurenzo’s Restaurant on Washington Avenue. I’ve visited on several occasions and always seem to find something new to enjoy on each visit. 

Prime Rib au Jus To Be Raved About Later

Three of us got together for lunch at Laurenzo’s Restaurant 

Chef de Cuisine, Donny Navarette

While I have written two articles about Laurenzo’s, full disclosure requires me to say that my friends and I were greeted at the door by the manager… so, I wasn’t a stranger, but will be honest about the fare. We were honored that Chef de Cuisine Donny Navarette stopped by and made us feel welcome.

Our starter was a Grilled Artichoke with a silky Remoulade. Truly they were unusual, in that they were steamed, then grilled over Mesquite with lemon and butter.  They were tender and married well with the sauce. 

Grilled Artichoke Appetizer
The Shrimp and Grits were delightful with a crispy slice of toast. First, a photograph of the Shrimp and Grits shows the dish in its optional glory with a creamy sauce that I loved… and it was unlike the many Shrimp and Grits that I have enjoyed around Houston. While mine was served over creamy mascarpone grits with a fragrant bourbon sauce, I could have gone with the crispy grits cake (above) just as well… maybe better! The Shrimp and Grits may be ordered either way… with the creamy bourbon mascarpone sauce, or with the crisp grit cake.


Shrimp and Grits
Everything was really, really good. Let me talk about the Grit Cake Option. Tasty and surprisingly juicy inside and fried to a very crisp outside! This was served as an option to the creamy grits with the Shrimp & Grits. The optional crispy grit cake finally found its way into the creamy bourbon sauce, and became a favorite of the meal! It was definitely a fine option to the mascarpone grits under the shrimp and creamy sauce.
Grit Cake Option
Now that you’ve seen the Shrimp and Grits in their suggested glory… here it is with an optional enhanced version soaking what’s left of the delicious Grit Cake with the bourbon sauce.
Shrimp and Grits With a Half-Eaten Grit Cake. 
Now Were Talkin’
No matter what you go to Laurenzo’s for, The Prime Rib is (in my opinion) mandatory. It was made irresistible with a hot, rich cup of jus, and the beast was soon rendered gone! The requisite Creamed Corn was, as the name implies, very creamy, lovable and necessary with a steakhouse offering like prime rib.
Prime Rib au Jus With Creamed Corn 
Dessert was a truly wonderful Key Lime Pie. There was a little Key West in every bite due to a tangy liquor from Key West. I love that he layered the pie on top of mandarin oranges.
Key Lime Pie
It was a memorable meal and I plan to go back many times!
Laurenzo’s Restaurant
4412 Washington Avenue
Houston, Texas 77007


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