Pho and Crab… Westward To My Favorite Pho

I seldom use the word “best“, but this,  by far, 
is my favorite pho place! They also sell the
BEST wings I’ve ever had!
Spicy Chili Shrimp

To try pho (pronounced “fuh”) is to love pho. This out-west restaurant is a warm oasis in the middle of any cold day. If it’s not a cold day, just wait a minute – the weather will change.
Pho and Crab Restaurant, nestled along Memorial Drive, near Dairy Ashford, is one of those fabulous finds in a sea of strip malls and shops. General Manager Andrew Tran is a gracious and friendly host who makes sure his diners experience the best crab and the freshest seafood ingredients possible (in MY opinion). He has been practicing his craft for over 25 years and it looks like he has honed it well.

The first time I visited, I brought pho home from his restaurant on a cold, rainy night two years ago. Sally had no idea how much seafood could be packed into that styrofoam doggie bag container of soup. She couldn’t believe the number of shrimp, scallops and crab legs tucked inside.  She went wild for the mysterious green drink – Lemongrass Limeade.

 Crab, Shrimp and Scallop Pho


Fresh Basil, Cilantro and Bean Sprouts
Typically, pho is served with the above-pictured fresh ingredients to be added at will when you start or as you work your way through the salty seafood, chicken or beef mixture. Sriracha is optional.
Crab is obviously one of this restaurant’s specialties, and they serve Alaskan King, Snow, Dungeness, Bairdi, and when in season, Soft-Shell Crabs. And if you like mussels, they have them, too. Curried and vegan dishes will keep your friends entertained while you devour this:
Delicious, Abundant Crab!
Succulent Bairdi Crab Claws

Andrew’s favorite treasure is the Bairdi Crab – so good he recommends these Bering Sea favorites over all the others. These easygoing animals live symbiotically with King Crab and when you see folks catching King Crab on tv… about 20% of them are Bairdi Crab. Its easy-to-extract leg meat is sweet and comes out a blessed whole piece. That is such a satisfying feeling to crack a leg and be able to quickly chow down on crab!

Chicken and Noodles

His chicken and noodles are not the farm type, but the meat is grilled and sliced into strips – hearty and filling. In my opinion, garlic and onion add much to the delightful flavor.

Lemongrass Limeade

If you do go, you must try the Lemongrass Limeade – highly recommended. That zippy little green drink is refreshing without being cloyingly sweet. The lemongrass is homegrown by Tran and makes it a uniquely flavored treat. I can’t have a meal without it.

Pad Thai

Pad Thai is always a good “testing” dish as it is served and requested everywhere. Pho and Crab’ s flat noodles remain separate and not gummy as can so often happen. It is the comfort dish of many countries, and this one is great.
Chili Spicy Pepper Hot Wings

We do not want to forget the most astonishing chicken wings we ever had.  They serve them three ways: Chili Spicy Pepper, Saigon-Style, and Tamarind. If you only try these, you will be glad you made the trek west. They are marinated for hours and grilled to piping hot perfection. Finger-licking? Absolutely! But also, you will want to gnaw them down to the bones!

I truly believe what makes Pho & Crab so wonderful is the graciousness of its general manager, Andrew Tran. He clearly loves seeing his customers enjoy his food.

Andrew Tran, General Manager, Pho and Crab Restaurant

Everyday dining is elevated to a night out on the town with a little of Frank Sinatra’s relaxing music and the surprisingly romantic dining room and fine art. A beverage of your choice could make this a Valentine’s Day treat.

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