Pronto is Very Pronto… yet freshly made!

Lemon Garlic Roasted Chicken

One of the hardest things a food writer has to do is to convince many diners that a chain restaurant has a made-from-scratch kitchen. In the case of Pronto, all you have to know is the owners are the VIncent Mandola Family. Yes, the very same people who created Nino’s and Vincent’s on West Dallas. The same love and attention to fresh ingredients, details and flavor that have made their restaurants famous for the past twenty-plus years, can be tasted in every bite at Pronto.

Several friends of mine and I met at the Pronto Cucinino on San Felipe, two and 1/2 blocks from my house (thank you very much).


The Breadsticks give new meaning to “breadsticks” and are spiced to the limit. I, literally, could make a meal out of a couple of orders of these. They are definitely not your grandfather’s breadsticks. A must to start a meal.


Sliders!  I started with one of their “Weekly Special’ that ended Sunday. I posted it because they bring it back about twice a month and you need to try it. It’s a beef patty, topped with seasonal greens and Gorgonzola cheese.  Order yours medium rare.

The Lemon Garlic Roasted Chicken is wonderful and will make you clean the bones like you have an eating disorder. Mashed potatoes, French-style green beans are nice complements.

GM and Chef Brian and City Centre To-Go Manager Natalie 

Two employees who make a difference in how the stores  are operating were General Manager Brian Dale, who is also the Executive Chef, and the other was a City Centre location’s To-Go Manager, Natalie.

The Vincent Mandola family – VIncent, Mary, Vinceann and Dana are often in the restaurants from time-to-time, overseeing the daily operations, and acting as quality control agents. A dish, say, the Chicken VIncent, will be the same at each location, made from scratch. This is a dish that I would attempt to make at home. It’s a plump chicken breast dusted with Parmesan, and then pan sauteed then topped with artichokes and lemon. It’s called a “house favorite” and is now a favorite of mine.

Chicken Vincent
Two things that stood out and made a believer out of me were the cheeses and very fresh vegetables proudly on display here. I’ve been to three locations and found that the displays of these produce items caught the eye of the diners…especially me.
Fresh Produce
This Monster Reggiano Parmesan 
Takes Two to Carry
These photos came from the Pronto that is nestled in a strip center housing the new H-E-B store on San Felipe at Fountain View Drive.
San Felipe Location
5885 San Felipe St.
Houston, TX 77057


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  1. I agree completely! Pronto’s is one of our favorite restaurants. I almost always have the Chicken Vincent preceded by a small chopped salad. Both are amazing. We have eaten at three of the Pronto’s and the dishes are always freshly made and taste wonderful. Unfortunately, we now live in New Mexico but when we do get to Houston, Pronto’s is one of our first stops for lunch or dinner.

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