Beck’s Prime… Hardly a Chain Burger!

Bill’s  Burger

They’re all over the place. I can walk to one from my house and drive to another in five minutes (every Wednesday at Memorial Park when I hit golf balls, I then eat a burger at Beck’s Memorial).

It would be easy to call Beck;s an upcale burger joint, but that would disregard the salads… the tuna… the pizzas…the steaks… the meatballs… the Philly cheesesteaks…seafood…13 Italian specialties and on and on. As I go the every Wednesday, I’ve tried a lot… but missed opportunities to photograph a couple of salads, and a bahn mi and wonderful BLT.  But, here are a few of the burgers, etc. that I photographed and remember:

Ribeye Burger

Chili Dog
Ahi Tuna Burger
All grilled items are grilled over Mesquite coals; the atmosphere and aroma around all locations will draw you in. It’s a familiar, comfortable dining room for family and friends. I’ll mention no addresses, as there are many… just a logo and website:
Becks Prime


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