Kroger "Manager’s Specials" Bad Experience (Please Read…Important!)

There’s nothing wrong with this case of Friskies Seafood cat food from Kroger… BUT!

I buy this because my cat’s like it… NOT to cook with!

Today, I bought “Variety Pack” of cat food from Kroger at the corner of San Felipe and Voss. It had been opened and taped shut and was on the lower shelf along with the other cartons of cat food. That happens a lot and I didn’t see another carton, so I bought it.

My mistake was checking myself out and forgetting to grab the receipt. As I drove home, the odor of rotten fish was so overcoming that I had to pull over and look for anything under the seats that might be rotten. I couldn’t find anything and went to the back of the car to look at the groceries. The stench seemed to be coming from the carton of cat food. I peeled the tape back and saw that many of the cans were bent and damaged, with rotten cat food oozing from the cans. 

I turned around and immediately went back to the store’s “Customer Service” department. The clerk there was pleasant and we joked about the stinking rotten food and she had to move it away from herself to keep from gagging, as I was.

She asked me if I had my receipt and I told her that I failed to grab it when I self-checked-out. She called the manager, whom I found out was “Mr. Maxwell”. I asked what what his full name was and evidently, his first name is “Mr”.

He smelled the rotten food and saw the bent cans and said that I couldn’t have bought it at full price and at Kroger, something like that would have been marked down and sold as a “Manager’s Special.” Really? Rotten stinking food is marked down and sold as a “special”?

He did not apologize at all and told me that even though it never would have sold at full price, he would give me full price for it. I told the clerk that when I made the purchase, I had scanned my “valued Kroger customer” card on my key ring. Unfortunately, I was told that it cannot be used to prove that a customer isn’t lying to them… it’s only to keep track of what you buy so that they can mail offers to you.

Although I was upset about his insulting tone and the fact that I had to argue with him in front of other customers, that’s not why I am letting all of you in about this. His concern wasn’t that they sold me rotten food (at any price), it was whether or not I was trying to screw the store that I had shopped at for decades. I admitted that I was an asshole who lost his receipt.

I just want you to know what Kroger’s manager claims that a “Manager’s Special” is.

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