Let’s Support Texas Beer Garden!

Crash and Grab at Texas Beer Garden Nets a Nice Haul for Thugs and Lost Income for Beer Garden in Magnolia!

I live in Houston near the Galleria and it took a small business owner/restaurateur being burgled for me to go to spend some money in Magnolia. Had I known how good the food would be I would been there much faster. I’m trying to convince YOU to drop in and support these small business people!

I’m not going to dwell on the burglary, as it’s a done deal… let’s talk about food. First of all, this is a Beer Garden.  It’s NOT a bar (yet it’s a bar). You sit down at hand-made heavy wood tables all cut from one single tree. A beautiful server will take your order and serve your food, wine and/or beer. The menu I saw (I don’t drink, so it’s Greek to me) had 45 craft beers and ales. My dining companions DO drink and the selection got excellent reviews.

Chicken Fried Steak

Let’s get down to the main event, in my opinion, Chicken Fried Steak. We can argue all day long about who serves the best CFS around, but I’ll tell you that this is hand-tenderized… hand-battered and fried crispy and tender with a cream gravy that has a bacon grease flavor (don’t know if that is what it is… but it is really good. I was particularly impressed by the hand-mashed lumpy Mashed Potatoes to warrant asking for some extra cream gravy.

Boudin Balls

Smoked Wings
We ordered a couple of appetizers that were really nice. While I enjoyed the Boudin Balls, I was relatively ambivalent about them… good… not spectacular. My friend Albert Nurick said that the whole Boudin sausages were far better. HOWEVER, the Smoked Wings were spectacular. Those were a treat, as it’s not often that I stumble upon something that’s new to me. I really enjoyed the wings.
Soft Pretzel
Then there was a giant Soft Pretzel! Large, Kosher salt with three tasty dips.
Chicken Gumbo
Chicken Gumbo had a beautiful dark roux and was loaded with chicken… I hate to see restaurants add so much rice that there is no gumbo in the bowl. That’s not the case here. The gumbo is really good. And that’s from a guy who is in love with his own gumbo.
I recommend that you give Texas Beer Garden in Magnolia a try… especially now, when they are recovering from a burglary and vandalism.
Texas Beer Garden
7214 FM 1488 #101
Magnolia, Texas


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