El Tiempo Opens Another Location on Gessner

Here I Go Again Posting About a Restaurateur Opening a New Location!

Most often, when I write on this blog, it is to review a restaurant. Well, this isn’t a review (just a reminder), so I need to tell you that this is about a “media event” at El Tiempo Cantina‘s newest location on Gessner, north of Westheimer and none of us paid for anything except a tip (Is that full disclosure?)

This grand table, cut from a single tree trunk, was found
 in Central Mexico

The reason that it isn’t a review is that I’ve reviewed El Tiempo Cantina before (and other than a striking new facility and beautiful interior), nothing has changed. It’s still the same authentic Tex-Mex that owners, Roland and Domenic Laurenzo, (son and grandson of their matriarch Mama Ninfa Laurenzohave been serving Houston in the tradition of their Mama Ninfa, who started selling Fajitas and Tacos al Carbon in the original Ninfa’s on Navigation in 1972-1973.

The dish that made Ninfa’s and El Tiempo the go-to
spot for Fajitas.

So, I thought I would just post some pics in my Galerie du Cuisine of what we had that evening and remind all of us that sometimes it’s good to come home to the mother load… the offerings of the family that introduced Fajitas to those of us not living in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas and, certainly, to the rest of the U.S.  For a history of Fajitas and the Laurenzo family, go to my article here: http://www.culinaryhouston.com/2014/03/fajitas-mama-ninfas-original-recipe.html

Galerie du Cuisine

Deluxe Parillada has it all!

Unless you plan to share, the small order of Acapulco Shrimp
may still be all you can eat.

Grilled Quail is tender, smoky and the marinade is perfect.

El Tiempo’s Signature Orange Flan!

I don’t think you’ve had Tres Leches like this!

Laurenzo’s El Tiempo Cantina
2605 Gessner
Houston, Texas 77063

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