Bradley’s Fine Diner (BFD) introduces Blue Plate Specials

Blue Plate Specials are there while they’re there and gone when they’re gone:

Since BFD opened, it has been a favorite of mine. For specific reasons, please see the link at the end of these brief comments for a full review of the restaurant and its regular menu items.

We had lunch there today and were able to try three different Blue Plate Specials from the past few of days. In my opinion, all three were hits and they made me wonder what specials were to come in the days to come (as what other restaurants might call “Today’s Special”). There is usually only one Blue Plate Special special per day

I saw a press release a couple of weeks ago sent out on behalf of the architect of the menu (Chef Bryan Ogden) and the daily choice of specials based upon what’s fresh… what’s good… and what’s interesting on a given day.  The original kick-off of these specials included a meat loaf sandwich: a sliced prime beef sandwich; and southern fried chicken in several days.

Today’s specials started off with a creamy tender Beef Short Rib Sandwich. After slow-braising for 12 hours, the beef was shredded (a la pulled pork shredding) and topped with sauteed onions and red bell peppers. I felt that as a standalone component, I would have liked to have seen a little more seasoning on the beef… however, the total package with the beef and the condiments was a winner. The outstanding memory was the tenderness of the rib meat, yet its ability to still deliver a nice “mouth feel”. The grilled house-baked sour dough bread wrapped it up quite nicely.

Next, we had what might be called (but wasn’t) a Texas-style Philly Cheese Steak. Grilled-medium USDA Prime inside skirt steaks (marinated perfectly) was served with sauteed onions, bell peppers, aged white cheddar, bell peppers and was “sandwiched” (again) between grilled sour dough slices. Now, I called it a Texas-style cheese steak, but frankly, that isn’t giving it its due. I think that anyone who has eaten a good Philly cheese steak must tell you, if he’s honest, the well-done thinly sliced rib eye on a Philly Cheese Steak doesn’t even come close to a perfectly cooked PRIME skirt steak… juicy… tender… and flavorful. This sliced “steak” sandwich was truly over the top from a flavor standpoint.

Our third special was a Fried Atlantic Cod sandwich. The cod was fried crispy, yes very moist in the center… it was topped with a creamy Cole slaw and served on a house-baked bun. I’m not very big on ordering fish sandwiches, but I would actually consider this one again, if it were still on the menu as a special (assuming that there were not a beefy alternative).

I suggest on a given day that if you would like to be delightedly surprised, go and take your chances. Otherwise, give them a call and inquire to see what the day’s Blue Plate Specials are.

For my full review of Bradley’s Fine Diner on my blog, go to:

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