Fish & The Knife Opens (Finally) to Eager Houstonians

What a Pleasure it Must Be to Take Your Own Sweet Time to Open a Restaurant!

What a pleasure it must be to take your own sweet time to open a restaurant! Those of us who live in the near-west (Uptown area) of Houston have driven past the work-in-progress of this restaurant for four years, wondering what was going on and hoping it would be something new and different. Now we know… and in our opinion, it was worth the wait.
With over a half dozen successful restaurants in New Orleans, the owners brought Executive Chef Bob Iacavone (formerly of Cuvee and who has competed with Bobby Flay on Iron Chef America) and Sushi Chef David Kim(think Soma) for the cuisine.  Executive Sushi Bar Chef Peter Vang and Executive Kitchen Chef Iacavone have worked together to offer unique items with a taste of Creole New Orleans (such as the New Orleans Roll featuring crawfish and the Po Boy Roll with shrimp, soft-shelled crab and crawfish) as well as the classic sushi and sashimi offerings. Most is, however, classic fresh sushi, rolls and sashimi. They also have 23+ sakes to complement the seafood, as well as the best selection of fine single malt Scotches around (priced from $11.00 to a $390.00 Sherry cask).
The array of Bentleys, Porsches, Mercedes (oh wait… there’s a Tesla!) would lead one to believe that this is a really pricey restaurant and lounge. However, it isn’t all thatexpensive!  For a couple of minutes, let’s pretend that this review isn’t partially about the eclectic clientele of young upwardly mobile Asian guests (now I know where to find a parade of Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik or Louboutin shoes and exceedingly long legs on a Friday night) and their selfie-taking dates. They are mingled with other equally fashionable beer-drinking Houstonians in t-shirts and casual designer jeans and well-heeled adventurous travelers from all walks of life. An interesting mix.
Let’s skip to the décor and atmosphere. The designer has created a minimalist facility and atmosphere in which to dine gracefully… or, to lounge comfortably and casually. A huge crystal-clear aquarium alerts guests that they are leaving the bar area and entering nearly 4,000 square feet of dimly lit lounging comfort. Along the walls of the lounge are cabana-style semi-private tables with inviting red glows from tasteful mood lighting and a long (really long) romantic low-flame fireplace. The dining area is perfect for “people-watching” and is divided into two large sections by a huge two-sided sushi bar. Between the two sides of the sushi bar is a cornucopia of fresh seafood to suggest the day’s freshest “catch” to mesmerized diners.  Rising from behind the sushi bar area like a well-endowed monument to the brewing industry is an eye-catching, colorful, four-sided refrigerated display of the beers offered at Fish & The Knife.

We found that all of the sushi and sashimi that we ordered was exquisitely just-caught (or freshly overnighted)… expertly sliced and VERY creatively presented. 
Our sushi chef on both visits was Kido (pronounced kay-doe).  His pride in his craft and joy in its reception was always evident. We appreciated and enjoyed the grilled imported Kobe Ribeye ($45.00), which was served medium rare, very tender, and with a red wine reduction. The flaming “Happy Pink Lady” with crabmeat and plum sauce was superb. House Cocktails are offered and evident on most tables.

Sally enjoyed a “Lycheetini”, with vodka, Soho Lychee Liqueur and a fresh Lychee.

Here’s a gallery of items that we enjoyed over two visits here:
Galerie du Cuisine
Thirsty? If beer’s your thing, they have some!
Sashimi Yellowtail, Salmon and Flounder

Chopped Salad

Yellowtail with Yuzu Sauce
Happy Pink Lady (with crab and plum sauce)
Flaming Volcano
Angry Lobster Wonton Soup! We’ll get this on EVERY visit!
Kobe Ribeye with Red Wine Reduction 
and Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Seared Scallops
Fresh Seasonal Berries and Vanilla Whipped Cream
Warm Chocolate Brownie
If Fish & The Knife Sushi Bar and Lounge is Finally Here, Why Would You Be Somewhere Else?
7801 Westheimer Road
Houston, TX 77063

Fax 832-668-5450

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