Gabby’s Re-Visited for a Burger on Their 35th Anniversary

Gabby’s Re-Visited for a Burger on their 35th Anniversary

Gabby’s Cheeseburger

I missed the burger on my last visit to Gabby’s Barbeque on Shepherd, north of the 610 Loop North. Good time to drop in, as the owners, John Mariner and Frank Roche and their families were celebrating the 35th anniversary on eight tables end-to-end.  Chatting with them was as good as the food. My last visit there is detailed on this post with the addition of a killer cheeseburger and equally tasty Banana Pudding.

Chicken Fried Steak

The Chicken Fried Steak at Gabby’s is crispy and tender. The cream gravy is peppery and worth asking for it to be doubled-up on.

Pulled Pork Sandwich
The second touch from the southeast coast is the Pulled Pork Sandwich. Again, it is with a Texas touch, as although it is topped with a righteous Cole slaw, it still has the Texas-style tomato-based Texas barbeque sauce available to top it.
Chicken Fried Steak

Chicken Fried Steak is a Texas staple and at Gabby’s I found that it’s as good as any I’ve had.  The peppery cream gravy was perfect and I ordered an extra load of it to drench the steak.
Combo Plate

We tried a Combo Plate with brisket (a little thin-sliced for my taste… but after slow smoking for over 16 hours, it was falling apart and VERY tender), chicken quarter (again VERY tender and moist) and smoked pork sausage.  We topped that all with their excellent traditional (yet unique recipe) “dipping” barbeque sauce and it was all delicious. I don’t usually order chicken as an entrée (or meat choice) in a barbeque restaurant, but this was good enough to be a destination dish.
Baby Back Ribs
We ordered a half rack of Baby Back Ribs to pass around and found that after smoking for 3 1/2  hours, they were still attached to the bone, yet took absolutely no effort to liberate the tender smoky meat from the bone.
Loaded Baked Potato
Sides include a Loaded Baked Potato, but at this size, I would consider it lunch rather than a side. I don’t know, what can you say about a baked potato? Well, it was huge… it was properly cooked and flaky… it was loaded with grated cheddar cheese, butter and sour cream. I could imagine that there are a lot of ladies who come in for their salads and a loaded baked potato for lunch.
Red Beans and Rice

Now, Red Beans and Rice. I almost didn’t order it, as I make it at home so often. Rice… red beans… smoked pork sausage. I think that the photo above says all you need to know.
Pecan Pie

Banana Pudding
Pecan pie is a standard here, so we finished up with a slice of Pecan Pie. Gooey, sweet, covered with Texas pecans and topped with whipped cream. Also missed on my last visit was Banana Pudding (my favorite) and I also sample it.  Good choice.  It tasted like the banana pudding that I grew up with.

3101 N. Shepherd Drive, Houston, TX 77018

4659 Telephone Road, Houston, TX 77087

4010 Spencer Highway, Pasadena, TX 77504






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