Chili’s and Their No-Clue Logo!

Here’s What Happens When a Texas Company Hires a Boston Ad Agency to Sell Texas Food!

TO: Brinker International and Chili’s

Chili’s Logo

This will be my shortest blog post ever!

I don’t know if Boston ad agency, Hill Holliday designed the logo for Chili’s, but as an ad agency, if they didn’t design it, they should have stopped them from embarrassing themselves in Texas by using it. Here’s the simple story:

This is a bowl of chili (at Chili’s)… Yum.

The name of the restaurant chain (Brinker International in Dallas) is Chili’s. Chili is a bowl of red. It is a simple meat stew/soup. They, in fact make a really good bowl of chili.

This is a chile (a jalapeno chile)… NOT a chili.

A chile is a pepper. Above is a Jalapeno, which is a pepper (a chile).

Chili’s Irrelevant Logo

Soooo, in what world is the logo above for a restaurant named Chili’s?   Nope, it’s the logo for Chile’s. That, ad/marketing manager of Chili’s, is reason enough to hire an ad agency that understands Texas foods and Texans (or Spanish?).

There, I’ve said it. Am I the only one that noticed it? No big deal anyway… I was just really bored today.

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