Cafe Pita Bosnian Cuisine… Location, Location

Cafe Pita’s New Galleria Area Location is a Winner
Café Pita is a unique experience and has an exotic menu for Houston regardless of which of its two locations you might visit.  I’ve eaten at the Westheimer location of this Bosnian restaurant a couple of times and enjoyed it very much. So what’s the big deal with Chef Omer Okanovik’s new location?  Location and ambience are the big deals for me. Not that the old location in a strip center near Wilcrest bothers most people, because it’s always packed. 

Café Pita’s new Galleria location is on Richmond Avenue one block east of Chimney Rock is about five minutes from my house… and it’s in a little house on the edge of an upscale neighborhood that is sure to fill tables there. The restaurant is broken into three dining rooms and the noise level is quite low. The staff are all courteous and very well-versed on the menu, which IS very important if you are not Bosnian (or Turkish).  At this point, Cafe Pita is BYOB.
Beef, Spinach and Cheese Bureks

On this visit, we started with a sampler platter of Beef, Spinach and Cheese Bureks. These crispy little bites are puff pastry filled with the aforementioned.  A Burek might be described as a gentle Bosnian version of a taquito (gentle because the puff pastry melts in your mouth unlike the tortilla in a taquito). 

Next was a cup of ‘Grah, a Bosnian brown bean soup with sausages and a rich broth. Warming and comforting, we both enjoyed it and felt that we might have enjoyed a large bowl of it as a complete lunch when out shopping sometime.

Mixed Platter
Next we ordered a Mixed Platter which was overwhelming (and we took most of it home), but was an excellent representation of what this restaurant and Bosnian cuisine are all about. It was a selection of Cevapi(a grilled minced meat which is a national dish in Bosnia) hand-formed in little links. Stuffed Pljeskavica (a large beef patty formed from ground beef) served with fluffy triangles of Lepinja (you might say that this is the Swiss cheese of Pita bread… fluffy and full of nooks, crannies and little bubble holes to capture and deliver juices of the meats and dips it is eaten with). Beef and Chicken Kebabsserved with Basmati Rice.  Ajvar (a dip made with roasted red peppers and egg plant) which could have been served in a large bowl as far as I’m concerned and there was nothing on the platter that this would not pair beautifully with. I could have just sat there and dredged the Lepinja in this all night. Of Serbian origin, this is a Bosnian treasure. Grilled Onions and Bell Peppers.  Kajmak (a Turkish creamy dairy product, served in tandem with the Ajvar and is dipable or spreadable with or on most of the items in this combo.
Chocolate and Hazelnut Crepes
Cheese Cake with a Baklava Topping

For dessert, we had Chocolate and Hazelnut Crepes with a sweet berry sauce as well as a creamy Cheese Cake with a Baklava Topping.
Live music is unobtrusive and romantic

This location is family friendly and even has a playground adjacent to a large pleasant patio where parents may enjoy patio dining and keep an eye in the kids on the climbing and slide feature nearby.

Café Pita

Galleria Location

5506 Richmond Avenue

Houston, Texas 77056


West Location

10852 Westheimer Road

Houston, Texas 77042



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