Kenny & Ziggy’s… The Big Reubowski

THE BIG REUBOWSKI and Sweet Potato Fries

Kenny & Ziggy’s… THE BIG REUBOWSKI

Romanced by the social media buzz about THE BIG REUBOWSKI (and the contest to name it), I dropped in to taste and review one.  I didn’t go in to review Kenny & Ziggy’s, mind you… just the sandwich.  I believe that Kenny & Ziggy’s is doing just fine without my opinions and help, anyway.
THE BIG REUBOWSKI is a Reuben plus 1/2 pound Beef Patty

So, I ordered a Big Reubowski for lunch and (frankly) was a little underwhelmed.  Not that it’s not good… it IS good.  It’s half burger and half Reuben and it was served with a plateful of sweet potato fries as big as my head.   It’s promoted as having the same components as a Reuben, but with a half-pound beef pattie added. However, when a place that has arguably the best Reubens in Houston decides to ride the current monster burger frenzy by combining a Reuben with something that many other places in Houston arguably do better (burgers), it’s going to fall short.  Another problem with this creation is that when the lady at the next table ordered a regular Reuben, I got to compare them side-by-side.  The Reuben is over twice the size of the Big Reubowski and the same price. The Reubowski, fries and an iced tea (with tip) was just under $24.00.

So here’s my recommendation… drop in at my favorite Houston deli, Kenny & Ziggy’s and order a Reuben.

Kenny & Ziggy’s
2327 Post Oak Boulevard
Houston, TX 77057

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