EKKO’S Greek American Deli (and Gas Station)

In a town that sells food in car washes with Christian background music, it’s not a surprise that there’s really good Greek food in a gas station, is it?  EKKO’S Greek American Deli is not a secret to many in the “Galleria area”.  We’ve driven past it on Richmond Avenue at Rice.  We’ve read reviews about it and have eaten there before.  I feel it’s time to write about it again, though.  I talk with people frequently who have never heard of it.  Secondly, the Greek food served at EKKO’S is really good. The third reason is that the food is actually evolving and getting even better than it was when I started eating there. 

Since EKKO’S has been under this ownership for five years (Greek immigrant Steve Bouboudakis, the original owner, sold it to his employees and opened Steve’s Automotive across Richmond Avenue).
Jamal Malik
Jamal Malik (who has spent his entire adult life in the food service industry), the current owner/chef is proud that regardless of the fact that this Greek American deli is in a gas station… it is NOT “fast food”… but it IS “quick serve” and all menu items are made to order for the customer.
Salad Bar and Mini Mart
Oh, yes… one more thing.  They have been so successful that they are changing the name and expanding with at least two more locations (sans petrol). Originally called Stelios, the name was changed to Ekko’s for ease of finding it, as it is in the old garage area of the Ekko’s gas station.
The new name will be Great Greek American Grill and two locations are opening within 120 days… one in the energy corridor and one at Richmond and Kirby.  The menu is not changing with the new name, but the gas station component is not part of the new locations.
In my opinion, the star of the menu is the generous, juicy gyro. It’s always been excellent and it’s still one of the best in Houston.  The tomatoes, red onions and lettuce are fresh and the pita is really soft… the tzatiki is fresh and tangy, also.  My dining companion is a big fan of the moussaka.  I agree that the moussaka, layered with eggplant, tomato sauce, ground meat and potatoes is excellent and we shared several dishes.
Chicken Kabob Plate
Greek items include Chicken Kabob Plate, Beef Souvlaki Plate, Keftedes (Greek meatballs), Pastichio (Greek lasagna), Hummus, Spanakopita and many dishes one would expect in a Greek restaurant. There is a salad bar, as well as several deli sandwiches to grab and run… or eat at one of three tables or a counter.
The Yanni Burger was named in honor of Yanni Gioldasis,
Greek-American restaurateur
Also of note here are the big hand-formed beef patties on Ekko’s burgers, along with the very fresh classic burger adornments. No fancy “gourmet” burgers here… just good, juicy classic American hamburgers. The menu at EKKO’s includes several burgers, including Buffalo, Veggie and Chicken.   I had the Yanni Burger, which I found was named after a friend of mine. 
I never thought that I would be recommending the Greek food in a gas station, but I am.
Hours are 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Monday-Saturday and 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. on Sunday.
                                                               5216 Richmond Avenue at Rice


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