New Orleans Murals Grace Interior of Pho & Crab

After years of enjoying the quiet atmosphere and sumptuous cuisine at the original Pho & Crab Restaurant on Memorial, just past Dairy Ashford,  we were delighted to experience the new location on Westheimer as well  as the new menu. ALL dishes, old and new were wonderful. But the seafood – the seafood is sublime. Lime and garlicky sauce over Bairdi crab. spicy pho filled with vegetables served with the obligatory basil, bean sprouts and lime, grace the warm dark wood tables as you lounge in comfortable booths and ample chairs. While the old location on Memorial was closer to standard “authentic” Vietnamese, the newer store on Westheimer is a delightful fusion of Vietnamese and South Louisiana… specifically, New Orleans. So, with a tableful of people, we started a farewell dinner for our friends.

Salt and Pepper Calamari

The Salt and Pepper Calamari is one of the favorite appetizers at Pho & Crab. The calamari was tender and juicy, yet the batter was delightfully crispy. Calamari is always on my starter list at restaurants that offer it… and it is easy to see why it is here.

Lime Garlic Shrimp

Lime Garlic Shrimp is a Vietnamese version of the famous New Orleans barbequed shrimp. Tangy… juicy and sloppy… this dish demanded and deserved the plastic gloves passed out to each guest when it was ordered. Frankly, although I love the New Orleans version, it was JUST AS GOOD.

IMG_5043 (1)
Lemongrass Coconut Steamed Mussels

Lemongrass Coconut Steamed Mussels were a natural choice of appetizer to order next. While this dish at other restaurants might have been prepared in various ways (including with a cream sauce), this one had a decidedly Vietnamese flavor with the coconut milk and lemongrass.  the tangyness of the lemongrass and the sweetness of the coconut milk, there was an immediate difference between this and the cream-based ones I had been used to… and we preferred this one.

Garlic Noodle with Steamed Bairdi Crab

Bairdi Crabs (Snow Crabs) make up around 10% of the catch in each pot of King Crabs caught in the Bering Sea along northeast Alaska. In Houston, Pho & Crab was a pioneer in the preferred use of Bairdi crabs. Rightfully so. Smaller and decidedly sweeter than our King Crab, these crustaceans made the Garlic Noodle with Steamed Bairdi Crab succulent and tasty with its Cajun-Asian inspired sauce.

Hu Tieu Spicy Shrimp Pho

Considered a south Vietnamese pho, Hu Tieu, combines spicy seafood noodles with a pork and seafood base, hence the distinctive slightly more aggressive taste. Of the three signature phos served at Pho and Crab, this is by far our favorite.

Saigon Crepe

We enjoyed a Vietnamese crepe from Saigon made from a rice and flour mix with shrimp, pork and bean sprouts inside. A delightful appetizer!

Asian/New Orleans Bread Pudding

Most who have dined in New Orleans are familiar with the famous New Orleans bread pudding. This homemade Saigon/New Orleans Style Bread Pudding is made with bourbon-soaked raisins and a coconut cream sauce. I liked this version far better! Much creamier and moister!

Though there are many reasons why Pho & Crab has rapidly become our favorite Houston restaurant.  An ever-cheerful and most gracious host Andrew Tran, unique cuisine often made to order, and happy decor make this a treat!

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Pho & Crab Restaurant
11660 Westheimer
Houston, Texas 77077

14741 Memorial Drive
Houston, Texas 77079


The new year is a time to renew acquaintances. I dropped into Peli Peli at the Galleria with fellow web food writer/blogger Hank Lewis, for lunch. We had decided to pair up to gain the appetite to order all six new items. Peli Peli is different from many fine restaurants in Houston. In addition to being the premier South African cuisine and wine cellar in Houston, Peli Peli has the ability to add new menu items quarterly, and its regular clientele can rest assured that they will be typical outstanding Peli Peli quality. We enjoyed a 2-1/2 hour carnage and left still with a wishlist of untried menu items.

Salmon at Peli Peli
Salmon at Peli Peli
Cole Slaw and South African Rice at Peli Peli
Cole Slaw and South African Rice at Peli Peli

Such was our experience this week at Peli Peli. We enjoyed (mentioned in no particular order) a Seared Blackened Salmon slathered with a generous blessing of  Hollandaise. The blackening added a rather mild south Louisiana touch… and it was softened by the tangy Hollandaise.

Red Curry at Peli Peli
Red Curry at Peli Peli

A top contender for the best presentation (yet the absolute BEST was still to come) was the Red Curried Lamb Potjie Pot. Beautiful tender chunks of leg of lamb were tossed in a stew of carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, peas and a red curry that reminded me gently in the back of my throat that there was a tamed heat in the curry. It was served with Toasted Coconut, a Mango Chutney and a very South African Rice Pilaf. This seemed to be a tip of the hat to the large Indian population in South Africa.

Tongue and Corn Wheel at Peli Peli
Tongue and Corn Wheel at Peli Peli
Brussels Sprouts and Potatoes at Peli Peli
Brussels Sprouts and Potatoes at Peli Peli

The Beef Tongue was a pretty generous portion and it was grilled masterfully! The tongue was tender… with the consistency of a fried chicken liver that had a nice tasty char and a crispy crust on the edges. This is definitely the tongue for those who have shied away from it in the past.It certainly isn’t your grandmother’s version! It was plated with  Sauteed Vegetables, Corn Wheels and tangy Peli Mustard. On the side were Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Roasted Potatoes.

Lamb Shoulder at Peli Peli
Lamb Shoulder at Peli Peli


One of the most beautiful and enticing dishes was the Grilled Lamb Shoulder Chops!  These were 12 ounces of tender bone-in lamb with Sauteed Pappadews, Red Onion and Oyster Sauce. Aside from being a visual feast, I could have (and should have) ordered a couple more of these. I kept thinking that this was a typical presentation of the quality and taste of a Peli Peli offering. Delicious!

Whole Red Snapper at Peli Peli
Whole Red Snapper at Peli Peli

Then came what was probably the most gorgeous presentation. A Fried Whole Red Snapper dominated the center of the table… then the center of the plate. I’m a fourth generation Texan… so I’m used to Red Snapper… but not with the light rice flour breading or the Creamy Scampi Butter and Stuffed Pappadews. At $42.00, this dish is worth it… yet NOT for the faint of pocketbook. However, remember that this dish is fine dining for two.

Chicken & Waffles at Peli Peli
Chicken & Waffles at Peli Peli

A lot of us have had chicken and waffles. The mind wanders during the short wait tor the service of Schnitzel & Deep Fried Waffles, but the comparison’s not even close. Don’t bother. Imagine a tall stack that wants to fall over sideways, but it’s politely held in place by a wooden skewer topped with a South African flag. Imagine it piled with Bacon, Fried Chicken Schnitzels, a Medium Fried Egg with its yolk oozing down the facade and drizzled with Lyles Syrup.  Now that isn’t really a dessert.  With the bacon and perfectly (to order) cooked fried egg on the top floor… it’s a savory breakfast.

Waffles at Peli Peli
South African Deep Fried Waffles at Peli Peli

However, there IS a tall stack of waffles that makes a perfect dessert and that was mine for this meal.  The dessert, or sweet breakfast, is called South African Deep Fried Waffles. Literally drenching the crispy deep-fried waffles are Cinnamon Butter Spread, Strawberry, Mango, Pineapple, Blueberry, Passion Cream, Vanilla Cream, Amarula Cream… and Lyles Syrup. There’s nothing like it in town and you truly need to try it. I loved it.

Peli Peli has one of the most inventive and creative menus that I have encountered in Houston. The food is always predictably well-presented and delicious… I love this place.

Peli Peli Galleria

5085 Westheimer Rd, Ste B2515
Houston, Texas 77056
Phone: 281-257-9500

Monday – Thursday: 11:00am – 10:00pm
Friday – Saturday: 11:00am – 11:00pm
Sunday: 11:00am – 10:00pm






Lucille's InteriorWhen we pondered where to have a special dinner with our good friends –  Read More

Fun, easy-to-read signage and bright colors with long, broad wooden table space and metal stools make this zesty food easy to find and share time with friends and/or co-workers. The many meat and stuffing options – 807, to be exact – make it a great choice for lunch and a creative option for dinner. Berlin-Style Doner Kebabs actually come from a Turkish recipe. Pita bread, Salads, Rice Bowls or Wraps – lunch made your way since you decide the ingredients and delivery method.


We are late to this mini-chain’s party as the one on 107 Yale apparently opened in 2014, then one at 1572 Gray, now followed by this one on Westheimer near Wilcrest at Royal Oaks. This street food is immensely popular, and we understand why. Goodies to add to your beef, chicken, beef or falafel kebap range from low-cal hummus, pickled red onions, jalapeno, green olives, lemons, sumac onions, tomatoes, red cabbage, to carrot slaw and cucumbers, with tzatziki (cucumber sauce), hot harissa, spicy cilantro and red pepper sauce, house and herb vinaigrette dressings.

The Lamb Grill
The Wrap
The Wrap With Lamb and Arugula
Wide Open Counter With Visual on Ingredients and Access to Your Server
Vertskebap Falafel and Red Pepper Sauce
Vertskebap Falafel and Red Pepper Sauce
Sweet Potato Fries
Sweet Potato Fries

There IS a right way and a wrong way to eat a kebap. “Right” is to get most of it into your mouth.

Right Way - Use the Wrapper
Right Way – Use the Wrapper and Read Instructions

Wrong? Well, here…..let me show you…..


The Floor Below Jack’s Seat at the Table (A Hungry Gentleman’s Dilemma)

And then on Tuesdays, don’t miss the great happy hour – looks like a pleasant, relaxed, unpretentious place to hang out and have a craft beer after a long day.

Tuesday- 5-10 p.m.

We could come back again and again and make a different mix of meat or vegetarian, salad greens and yogurt-based sauces to our heart’s content for years to come. Lunch is satisfying and colorful. You should take a minute to try it!  As they say: Fold, Hold and Behold! Food fun – your way!


Royal Oaks Centre
11700 Westheimer Road
Houston, TX 77077
(281) 506-7580
11:00 am – 10:00 p.m.

Three years ago, on a birthday, Sally asked to try a new restaurant tucked along Westheimer, again, hidden in an unremarkable strip center. How she spots these places as we whiz by I don’t know, but Bankok Thai Cuisine, just inside Beltway 8, near Fondren, shelters some down-home cooking and a spicy green curry loaded with vegetables.

Thai Dumplings

We started with Thai Dumplings – steamed minced chicken and shrimp in a prettily shaped wonton wrapper, served with a ginger sauce.

Tom Kha Gai

The Tom Kha Gai was a winner to begin – rich with coconut, bits of lemongrass, mushrooms, basil, green onions, chicken and lime.

Pho Taek – Spicy Seafood Soup

Pho Taek is a combination of shrimp, squid, fish and mussels, in a spicy clear soup. The lemongrass, kafir leaves, tomato, mushrooms, onion, and basil were in a tangy piquant broth that set off the seafood well.

Beef Salad was a bit of a miss as salad is not a typical Thai item, but I liked it. It was full of garlic and salt. Definitely a pungent palate pleaser, but might have been a little heavy on the salt. Fresh cucumbers and red onions bedecked the crisp iceburg lettuce.

Yum Nur (Beef Salad)

The star of the show was the Green Curry – loaded with eggplant, bamboo shoots, green beans, basil and coconut milk. Spicy hot and just enough rice nearby to keep it cooled down. There are a number of curries on the menu to come back to try – Red, Yellow, Mussamun, Panang, Pineapple (with kafir leaves) – or we commented it would be a nice order to go someday.

Green Curry

We wrapped up with coffee. Reasonably priced – all with excellent, attentive service. You just knew that Linda, our chef, was a terrific loving person in this kitchen – her heart is clearly in the food. So glad we came back!


9296 Westheimer, Ste. 200
Houston, Texas 77063



What a lovely surprise when we finally opened the door of this tiny shop we had passed by late at night over a year ago! The wonderful smell of fresh buttery puff pastry permeated the air, and we saw, upon closer inspection, beautifully elaborate works of art in the chilled pristine display cases. Just look at this feast for the eyes!


Fruity Champagne Mousse – Champagne Mousse, Yuzu Lemon, Guava, Lychee, and Raspberry

The recently-discovered French light almond meringue-based confection, “macarons”(from the Italian “maccherone” or fine dough), are a total fascination here. Pastel macarons galore decorate the cases with delicate and unique buttercream flavors like Lemon Basil, Hazelnut Vanilla, Green Tea Matcha, Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Orange Blossom Ginger, Pistachio and Rose Jasmine Darjeeling!

Praline – Chocolate Cake with Hazelnut Praline Mousse, Hazelnut Praline Cremeux, and Dark Chocolate

A Sophisticated Birthday Cake Going Out

Mango Mousse

And Inside….Yum!


Espresso Well-Served

Madame Huynh Hongnga, Patissier
Hongnga (“Nga”) Huynh Rogers, the most obviously talented proprietor, is not only a Patissier, but a Glacier, Chocolatier, and Confiseur, having received her Certificat D’Aptitude Professionnel from the Academie de Paris, a short eight years ago.  She is gracious, modest and demure with an underlying fortitude, knowing that she is superb at what she does. Since our visit, we have discovered several other “friends” who know of and love the place, but have kept this delicious secret to themselves. 😉

Je t’aime “Je T’aime”!


11660 Westheimer Road, Ste. 107A
Houston, Texas 77077

Tucked in a tiny strip center near the corner of Fountain View and Richmond Avenue, lies a pleasant surprise for the unsuspecting diner. The third dgn Factory, formerly called Dosa Factory, is a place filled with crisp, hot savory crepes, exciting smells and unhurried service – this is fast food done right!

We were immediately invited to enjoy a free cup of lentil soup and spoon out our sambar (a deliciously complicated South Indian sauce sometimes made with dal, coriander, curry, turmeric, tamerind, red chili) and an equally complex chutney as we waited for our order. As we waited, we chatted with Ike, a congenial friend of one of the three owners’  (Niraj Shah, CEO, George Eapen, COO and an unnamed investor). He told us this was the third of three  (3!) restaurants – Downtown Tunnel, Missouri City and Richmond Avenue – in three years. That is phenomenal growth for any business! It probably stems from their generous charity work with Magnificat House in 2015 and Lone Star Veterans “Service to Serenity” program and the UH Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship, no doubt to name only a few.  They also do catering! You will have to look quick to keep up with this successful set.

dgn Lentil Soup, Sambur & Chutney
dgn Lentil Soup, Sambur & Chutney

Manchurian Idli’s came out at once – little rice dough pillows with garlicky, red chili sauce covering batter-fried cauliflower, that went down in a hurry.

dgn Manchuran Idlittles
dgn Manchuran Idlis

Those were followed by Palek Paneer Dosas – fresh light lentil crepes filled with spinach and cottage cheese. And you have to see the Super Paper Dosa to believe it!

dgn Palek Paneer Dosa
dgn Palek Paneer Dosa

Then, we tried the Manchurian Dosas – crepes filled with batter-fried cauliflower. and topped with flavorful Manchurian red sauce (red chili pepper, soy sauce, coriander – perhaps?).

Manchurian Dosa
Manchurian Dosa

We followed the meal with a treat of dough balls, called Gulab Jamun, in a sweet cardamom/saffron syrup – sometimes made with rose-scented syrup – topped with slivered almonds.

dgn Factory Galub Jamun
dgn Factory Gulab Jamun

A Mango Lassi – a yogurt drink enhanced with mango pulp and sugar syrup – an end-of meal treat!

dgn Factory Mango Lassi
dgn Mango Lassi

Carrot Halwa – boiled carrots with white raisins, cashews, served with ice cream was a pleasure compared to the Americanized carrot cake. Lots of true carrot flavor and moist texture.

dgn Factory Carrot Halwa
dgn Factory Carrot Halwa

We rolled along into the sunshine, happy that we hadn’t made the mistake of heading to any of the other many neighboring fast food spots.

dgn Factory

5959 Richmond Avenue, Ste.160
Houston, Texas 77057

6324 Texas Highway 6
Missouri City, Texas 77459

Downtown Tunnel
1001 Fannin St. #M110
Houston, Texas 77002


For those who seek and follow Houston’s true Southern Creole food, there is a reason to celebrate the return of Crescent City Beignets. Formerly near Lamar High School, this River Oaks-area favorite closed over a year ago, re-opened at 6383 Westheimer and then sold that franchise. Finally, the prized cafe opened again on Good Friday, 2016 – obviously as a result of the prayers of those who had grown to love it and relied on its true-to-New Orleans style.
IMG_7763 (1)

This restaurant is much more than mere beignets and chicory coffee, although that is quite enough for some.

Crescent City Beignets
Crescent City Beignets

Take a quick imaginary tour of New Orleans via the huge photos on display as you wait patiently for your Red Beans & Rice.

Imagine A Trolley Ride
Imagine A Trolley Ride
Jackson Square

The Presidential Gumbo, loaded with Shrimp, Oysters and Okra, is topped with the perfect amount of white rice and arrives at your table steaming hot.

Presidential Gumbo includes Oysters and Okra
Presidential Gumbo includes Shrimp, Oysters and Okra

The collard greens are hammy and laced with onions. A dash of Louisiana hot sauce is all you need!

Collard Greens
Collard Greens
Manager Linda Benoit loves her work
Happy-To-Be-Back Manager Linda Benoit loves her work and her customers

Who wouldn’t love a Muffaletta that looks like this?

Face it - We're in Love!
Face it – We’re in Love!

To know Crescent City Beignets is to love her! Glad she’s back.

5885 San Felipe Rd., Ste. 200
Houston, Texas 77057



Super clean windows with invitingly modern tables bedecked with cacti grace the wide open dining space. Showcasing one of Houston’s rare al fresco dining opportunities, True Foods Kitchen opens out from the corner shopping center west of the new Whole Foods Market on San Felipe near Post Oak. Glad we came during the mid-afternoon, as it assured us a quick seat and that we did not compete for parking with business professionals and shoppers.

Bright & Inviting
Bright & Inviting

This is only one of the myriad restaurants located in the small Galleria area bounded by San Felipe Road, Post Oak Boulevard, Westheimer, and Fountain View Drive which includes, but is not limited to: Crescent City Beignets (now open at 5885 San Felipe, near H-E-B), Pronto Cucinino, La Madeleine, H-E-B’s Table 57, Dish Society, Adair’s, Ciao Bello, Pesca, Rise (soon to come), RDG, La Table, Masraff’s, Maggiano’s, Caracol, Piatto Ristorante, Del Frisco Double Eagle Steakhouse, Grand Lux, Peli Peli, Oceanaire Seafood Room, and all the many, many Galleria offerings.

Fresh Italian Parsley, Thyme, and Pesto Basil Greet Diners

We drove down the miles of offerings of unique healthful “mocktails” like Matcha Horchata, Pomegranate Lemonade, and Kale-Ade and opened with this simple refresher:

Refreshing Green Tea
Edamame in Truffle Oil
Edamame Dumplings in White Truffle Oil

The find of the day was the Carmelized Onion Tart. With the unique mingling of smoked garlic, fig and Gorgonzola, it was cut into four pieces and though we always split, there just weren’t enough!

Carmelized Onion Tart
Carmelized Onion Tart

Our entrees were healthy and delicious, served piping hot and with a smile.

Stir-Fried Beef Teriyaki

Red Chili Shrimp, with Gai Lan, Spinach and Sesame Noodles

Red Chili Shrimp With Gai Lan
Red Chili Shrimp With Gai Lan

We wrapped up all of our clean eating with the Spiced Apple and Goji Berry Crisp served with a very healthy scoop of ice cream,  Espresso and Cappuccino.

Spiced Apple and Goji Berry Crisp

We strolled (rolled) on to spend some time in patio lounge chairs as we watched the sunset over the many new Galleria buildings – a lovely ending to a St. Patrick’s Day celebration of “eating of the greens”!


1700 Post Oak Blvd.
Houston, Texas 77057

If you find that I’m raving too much in this article, then you’ve never been to Tony’s!

This isn’t aimed at the major account rep with an expense account who wants to take his best customer to Tony’s.  The restaurant IS, but this article isn’t. This article is about the guys in the office who say, “Where do we go for lunch today?” The answer, with a straight face, is “Tony’s has a two-course Express Business Lunch for $25.” Now, if you’ve never been to Tony’s, that won’t mean anything. If you HAVE been to Tony’s, you’re out getting the car started. Much of what you pay for at Tony’s is, in my opinion, the smoothest and most on-point service in Houston. The service could be no better if you spent $200.

The Express Business Lunch is comprised of three two-course lunches with choices of Soup of the Day or Salad and a beautiful entree.

Soup the Day was a Potato Leek Soup. I would have been happy with half as much. With exquisite flavor, it seemed like the more I ate… the more was there. Courses arrived with no intermission. At least none until you were ready.  Unlike many of the unique and intriguing soups at Tony’s, this one looked like Potato Leek Soup!

The salad choice was called Insalata Siciliana with Arugula, sliced multi-colored mini grape tomatoes, orange segments and an Italian dressing. Though I ordered soup, I accepted my host’s offer to steal salad from his plate. Wonderful. 

Insalata Siciliana

I tasted the Grilled Chicken Giardino. It was a whole grilled chicken breast with no sauce (no sauce was needed, though). It was rosemary scented and adorned on one end with mixed local garden greens, including, but not limited to, sliced heirloom tomatoes and some crisp peppery arugula. It was sprinkled with caprino (an Italian goat cheese) which, in my opinion, gave the salad a unique Italian touch that you seldom see in Houston. While the flavors of the chicken AND the salad were enticing, chicken is usually not my first choice when also offered snapper and ravioli. This was certainly not the ho-hum chicken that one gets at most other restaurants! Far from it.

Grilled Chicken Giardino

Snapper Francese was my favorite by far. Creamy and lemony with an English pea, cremini mushroom, red bell pepper and bianco sauce… the Snapper Francese, alone, was worth the trip.

Snapper Francese

Ravioloni Di Manza is one if the creamiest raviolini I have ever tasted! I have never seen or tasted short-rib-filled raviolini, but when the rib meat is roasted into submission before being stuffed into raviolini, it is sublime! That’s in addition to the fact that the two raviolini are huge! As luck would have it, I ate this dish ONE DAY before National Ravioli Day! 

Ravioloni Di Manza

Blackberry Dream (a perfect Angel Food cake with Limoncello Cream) was NOT part of the Tony’s Express Business Lunch, but I had to show it as I had to try it. Absolutely “dreamy” and on the dessert menu, it’s worth the extra purchase.

Blackberry Dream

And now an introduction to my host at our weekly lunch get-together host and my good friend, Chuck Gardner… a principal at Birraporetti’s next to the Alley Theatre downtown and a big fan of Tony’s.

Chuck Gardner

No review of Tony’s can be written without congratulatory mention of Chef Kate McLean. Her name is linked to an article about her and Tony’s by Alison Cook. You would have to search far and wide to find a Chef de Cuisine so capable and polished who was hired at the age of 29 by Master Restaurateur, Tony Vallone.

Chef Kate McLean  Photograph Courtesy of Tony’s

I found the service and the Express Business Lunch to be well-prepared, well-presented and well-served. I will be back soon with my wife to try the evening dinner, as the menu has changed slightly since our last visit. Never hurts to please your wife. To keep up with Tony’s is to keep up with the one of the finest restaurants Houston has to offer. 

3755 Richmond Avenue
Houston, TX 77046

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